Hair relaxers straighten and add glow. Use softened water for shampooing whenever possible as the mineral deposits in hard drinking water areas can accelerate hair coloring fade. High pH shampoos will probably open wild hair cuticles more and may fade hues faster. Many hairdressers guide against using ‘baby shampoos' as these have a somewhat higher pH than standard shampoos (to prevent eye stinging) and this increased alkalinity can remove colour from hair more quickly than usual.
Remember that wild hair is a man-made dietary fiber and is a natural reflection of your health and well-being. If you are unhealthy, nice hair will lack the look you desire. Treat your system carefully, follow an effective hair caution program and supplement your diet with balancing vitamins and a drop of perseverance and your locks can look good and feel great.
I heard about a technique for trimming mane. I don't know if it works on 4c locks. The trick was to braid nice hair in medium to large braids around your head. The area of the braid that is thin and sparse is the part to cut off. Can you recommend doing this. The reason why I ask is because there are not very many natural locks salons in the region that I are in and I can't stand spending money on scalp unless it's a really good hair product.
While you might be doing all of the above to safeguard your hair from sunlight, if you are not ingesting enough water, you're not going to achieve anything. Hair and your epidermis will benefit immensely from the amount of water and further fluids to have. So choose for cooling fluids that will help you keep your hair healthy and hydrated. Include as many fruits and vegetables in what you eat as possible. This is an important hair care suggestion for summer.
Another method to remove greasiness is by using baking soda. But it should be used in a diluted form. Baking soda curbs the greasiness in the head of hair. Mix two to three tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of drinking water. Apply this on the locks and leave for twenty minutes. Then shampoo the mane as normal. This treatment for greasy hair can be done thrice to take care of hair dyed red